Patient Rooms, Behavioral Health, Surgical Suites, Cleanrooms, Vandal Resistant

Downlights Certified for Today’s Specialty Environments

Enhance your technical spaces with our high-specification grade and safety-focused downlights.

Certolux’s new sealed specification grade downlights are designed to satisfy the needs of technical and high abuse spaces without compromising their appearance.

These attractive new downlights are certified for cleanability to NSF2 and carry a certified IP65 seal and an ISO3 cleanroom rating, keeping contaminates from entering, protecting both processes and staff. These unique fixtures also enhance visual tasks by accurately rendering the appearance of objects such as skin or tissue.

Although they look like an architectural fixture, the rigid, low profile, die-cast trim secures an unbreakable polycarbonate lens to resist the abuses of the behavioral health environment. Whether illuminating cleanrooms, high abuse, or healthcare spaces, our downlight families are tailored to meet the demands of many technical applications while preventing potential harm.

Improve your next project with the refined appearance and performance found in the new downlights from Certolux.

Downlights Solutions

The 4" Surgical downlight.

The 4" Patient Room downlight.

The 4" Behavioral Health downlight.

The 4" Cleanroom downlight.

The 6" Surgical downlights

The 6" Patient Room downlights

The 6" Behavioral Health downlights

The 6" Cleanroom downlights

The 4" Vandal Resistant downlight.

The 6" Vandal Resistant downlight.

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