The Trendy ALLURA Moda

Experience balanced lighting and save on energy without having to sacrifice style, visual comfort or performance.

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ALRM by Viscor

Are you feeling the Z's

The uniform lines of the LMEZ-VL provide an architectural appeal for any modern space.

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LMEZ-VL by Viscor

Viscor is Going Vive

The ultimate advantage of speed, savings and trusted service with integrating Vive wireless controls.

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Wireless Luminaires by Viscor

The MD3 Series

The MD3 is a combination Reading/Ambient/Exam light for hospitals, nursing homes and other patient care facilities

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Certolux premium grade led

C24 Shielding Option

The C24 is a premium shielding option available on select Visoneering products.

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C24 Option

The CRG Series

The CRG2X4 series by Certolux is a specification-grade, luminaire which provides a cost-effective LED Cleanroom lighting solution.

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lhgb premium grade led


Introducing the LED High Bay C Commercial-Grade High or Low Bay Luminaire

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lhgc premium grade led
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