Architectural Luminaires

Lighting Your Vision With Visioneering

Lighting plays an integral part in every well-designed space. Visioneering® series of architectural luminaires will bring your space to life with dynamic styling coupled with the latest control technology. Visioneering’s architectural luminaires consist of various designs for recessed lighting, surface lighting, and linear lighting applications. These luminaires provide the optimal lighting solutions for projects of any size.

Choose from one of the following architectural luminaires below to add character to commercial, educational, hospitality, healthcare, and retail spaces.

Premium Lighting Solutions

4x4 Architectural Luminaires

Create a grand ceiling design that commands attention with Visioneering’s 4x4 Architectural Luminaires. Our OnCurve, Quadra, and LTDCR troffers not only match the optimal illumination and performance of our standard troffers but elevate them with a bold blend of style and functionality in a BIG way.