WavePort Technology

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WavePort Solves the Problems of Continuous Disinfection

There is no reason to suffer with poor visible light during visually challenging tasks such as surgery just to have continuous disinfection. Old technologies such as visible light disinfection (VLD), compromises the white light by accentuating the purple spectrum during occupancy. WavePort harnesses the power of 365DisInFx™ to provide continuous disinfection without conceding the visible light quality. A pure white light that staff members find clinically familiar is necessary for the proper monitoring of patient health. Poor quality of light in clinical or laboratory settings can hinder the recognition of visual health indicators, preventing proper diagnosis for the patient.

WavePort provides the pure white light you need without the compromised purple hue found in VLD. This also opens the possibilities to use a wide range of white light sources such as BIOS™ and Tunable white.

Why We’re Better Than the Competition?

 1. Ability to incorporate any  "White Light"features such as:

  • High quality pure light options (90 CRI)
  • Offer White Light optics for Asymmetric Distributions
  • Wide and True CCT offerings (2700K-5000K)
  • Offer colored LED options such as Green, Amber and Red
  • High efficacy and high lumen output options
  • Integrate 3rd Party Technologies (BIOS)
  • Ability to integrate controls technologies including Intellect, DALI and other wireless options

2. Stonger disinfection than the competition using 365DisInFxTM

3. Simpler and no need for elaborate controls for single mode disinfection.

4. Ability to individually turn on/off White Light and Disinfection, if desired. 

5. Competition mixes components together creating high heat, lower efficiencies, higher wattages, off color hues, limiting their light outputs and lighting conditions. 


“365DisInFx” is a trademark of Current Lighting Solutions, LLC. Used with permission.
WavePort™ by Leviton is patent pending.


WavePort Solutions with 365DisInFx™ Technology


WavePort Technology