Check more off your list with Viscor

Check more off your list with Viscor

MaryAnn Camilleri, Senior Project Manager, oversees hundreds of sophisticated and complex projects a year. Thankfully she doesn’t do it alone.

Our team consists of experts from Sales, Customer Service, Production, Engineering and Shipping who all work together to provide the most efficient supply chain management services for any unique lighting project.

MaryAnn stated that “I’m often surprised when customers first realize that we offer project support services.” She mentioned that customers tend to outsource material handling services as they don’t have the project planning space it takes to store the material or the manpower to process it.

As MaryAnn explains “In-house production allows us to provide a range of services including napkin to delivery design and project management methodology that ensures our customers get what they want when they want it.”

Viscor’s project management services include:

  • Special labelling for zones, spaces and types.
  • Optimized coordination of shipments.
  • Projects are given unique identifiers for future troubleshooting.
  • Bulk packaging solutions for disposal and labor fee savings.
  • True real-time production to sync with project schedules that avoid handling costs and reduce any risk of damaged material.

These project management services offer our customers reliable, efficient and cost-effective benefits to complete and enhance the experience of any lighting project.

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