Specialty Grocer

Specialty Grocer

Burlington’s grocer, Denninger’s, designed its specialty-food shop to create the ultimate consumer experience and, of course, lighting played a valuable role.

With help from our friends at Salex, Viscor’s Visioneering line of luminaires, the LCOM, LRTZ and LHBR were chosen by Studio Intersekt and Hammerschlag & Joffe.

Choosing Viscor lighting, as one of the lighting brands, to illuminate multiple displays of colourful groceries creates a boutique-like shopping environment.

Continuing into the back-of-the-house, the linear LCOMs are a unique choice alternative to the traditional use of high bays in grocery stores. The narrow lines of our Visioneering linear fixtures offer a modern look while providing the appropriate light levels. 

In the butcher area, Visioneering’s LRTZ luminaries were chosen for bright even illumination of the counter displays. 

Our 2x2 LHBR (not shown in these photos) was the right choice for powerful and bright visibility in the back-room stock and prep areas.

This project has made Denninger’s one of the first grocery stores in the GTA to install linear LED luminaires as a main source of lighting.

Learn more about the project from our friends at Salex here 

Photography by Light Monkey 

Written by Viscor's marketing member Daniela De Marco

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