Mission Control

Mission Control

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Technology is stretching its limits further than ever before with the benefits of saving us valuable dollars, invaluable time, energy and providing a progressive way of living. In a press release published, on HCL, by MarketWatch, identifies that “the evolution of smart technology has considerably changed the overall lighting industry in terms of energy and money saving and has improved the safety norms for the convenience of the users.” With this in mind:

Viscor’s on a mission for full lighting control.

We have successfully integrated lighting controls into our line of luminaires. The Visioneering and Certolux brands offer daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, colour tuning and the options continue to expand.

Our COO, Santino Nemi, has been working alongside Director of Operations, Steven Anderson who is on a mission to install lighting controls across our quarter million square foot facility. We interviewed Steven Anderson for a progress update and he explained that our components warehouse area is the most recent to receive the upgrades in the many control projects ahead.

Anderson described that “this project came at the perfect time, we were experiencing hitches with the existing lighting control panel in the back of the warehouse as it took a significant amount of time to program for days, nights, weekends and so forth. There was no great advantage to having the current motion controls since we didn’t have the ability to program it for delays to turn back on/off.”

The OSRAM Encelium Edge Wireless Light Management System was installed over three weeks ago with zero issues and seamless performance. 

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Here we describe…

 The Mission

STEP 1: Upgrade the originally retrofitted fluorescent high bay fixtures, FHBRs, with modern drivers and LED boards for ultimate energy savings. This was a piece of cake for Viscor as we specialize in retrofits!

STEP 2: Implement the Encelium Edge Wireless Light Management System across 11 component aisles with 20 ft high ceilings and 50,000 square foot area. Each aisle/zone has 3 ceiling mounted Wireless PIR Photo Sensors that communicate with 1 WALC – Wireless Area Lighting Controller module at the beginning of each aisle which then reports to the main Encelium Edge Lighting Controller. This system was chosen for its simplicity, flexibility and scalability. It took only 2 electricians to install in just 3 days.

STEP 3: Download the app and adjust our settings with the simple scan, group and go software.

STEP 4: Enjoy the benefits.

Now that we have a single control module in all 11 aisles with a WALC, it allows us to leave the lights on or off depending on the program we set with the 3 wireless PIR sensors to respond to traffic. Anderson informed us that “right now, we have the lights programmed to be off all day except for when someone enters the zone.”

With the Encelium Edge software, Anderson can simply control everything from his phone. He can program how long he wants each zone to stay on or off depending on the traffic volume from that area. Certain zones may have someone counting inventory who may not move enough to trigger the sensor. Therefore, to prevent material handling errors and provide employee comfort, this system easily allows Anderson to put parameters in each zone for effective lighting control.

This advantage not only saves us energy, but it also saves the life expectancy of the fixture’s boards and drivers and improves the quality of our workplace comfort.

Features and Benefits Overview

  • Saving energy and life expectancy of the fixture’s boards and drivers.
  • Accuracy: Fixtures at the beginning and end of each row have been masked at 180 degrees so they don’t trigger until someone enters the aisle.
  • Extremely easy to install and manage the system.
  • Simply Scan, Group and Go the zones straight from your phone.
  • Security protocol won’t allow login from outside the building. Security measures in place through user registration.
  • Ceiling mounted Wireless PIR Photo Sensors have a wide range covering a 10,000 square ft area.
  • Ceiling sensors require no hardware thanks to their quick magnetic mount.

Being Canada’s largest lighting manufacturer demands continuous advancements in our technology and processes. We own state-of-the-art robots and automated technology, we’ve upgraded to a sustainable eco-friendly paint line and our waste management practices recycle all our scrap metal, packaging and parts. The demand for full lighting control is upon us and we are readily implementing advancements across our Viscor product lines and headquarters.

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