Urology Surgery Center

Urology Surgery Center

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 Healthcare environments are changing with sustainability at the forefront. 

Energy costs are constantly rising, legislation is becoming more demanding and staff expect more from their workplace environments.

By making one small change in choosing the right medical lighting you will instantly experience quality performance, energy savings, and less maintenance over the long term.

The right lighting effectively creates a professional and welcoming space that both staff and patients can feel comfortable, focus more and stay alert during a long shift.

The Urology Surgery Center in Little Rock Arkansas is no stranger to this concept and with it's the newly built medical center they trusted a Viscor representative to do the job for a range of facilities within in the center. Our Certolux brand of cleanroom, medical, vandal and hazardous locations were chosen as the right lighting solution for this project.


Providing lighting for a range of medical and cleanroom applications within the facilities of the newly built surgery center.


The CRIG-3558 and the MD1IF-3792 from our Certolux line are equipped for a reliable and long-life LED illumination with the proven build quality of Viscor. The CRIG-3558 is certified for ISO Class 5 Cleanrooms and both fixtures are built for protection against any contaminant ingress. These luminaires meet the functionality needs and requirements of this modern, state-of-the-art medical facility.


Reliable Quality that translates to guaranteed performance, energy savings, and less maintenance.

On-time & On-budget in delivering and completing the project as needed.

Effective lighting gives valuable healthcare professionals and patients a comfortable space to work efficiently and feel better in.

News & Events stories are written by Viscor's Marketing team member Daniela De Marco

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