The Trendy ALLURA Moda

The Trendy ALLURA Moda

ALRM Premium-grade Suspended Luminaire

Experience balanced lighting and save on energy without having to sacrifice style, visual comfort or performance.

The beautiful ALR MODA features a slender design and is available with a linear or oval aperture for a unique aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're lighting a retail, educational or corporate space, it naturally compliments a multitude of environments at various ceiling heights.

With multiple lighting configurations available, this luminaire offers designers the ability to choose the distribution that optimally lights their space.


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For the ultimate command over your environment, the MODA is available with a host of integrated wireless control options. Whether you need occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, dimming or colour tuning the options are endless and completely integrated into the fixture at the factory. Not only will you benefit from energy savings, but you will enjoy labour savings with wireless luminaires ready right out of the box.

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