Unmatched Speed & Capabilities

Unmatched Speed & Capabilities

Remember when local companies used to actually make things? These days it seems that many lighting companies import their products from overseas manufacturers, increasing the degree of separation between the user and producers.

At Viscor, we are an actual lighting manufacturer and we believe we should be local to our customers. Plus, we really like to make extraordinary things.

With over 300 employees and a quarter million square foot facility, we've been keeping local manufacturing relevant since 1952. Over the years, Viscor has grown as a leading manufacturer who continuously pushes the limits of lighting design and metal fabrication.

We ship anywhere in North America without the issues associated with off-shore manufacturing. Our team of in-house engineers work diligently to design intelligent solutions, allowing our assembly personnel to be swift and precise with every product on the line. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians provides us with the agility to support both large and small requests in industry-leading time.

When you place an order with one of our friendly representatives, you will get the right solution when you need it.

After all, our speed and capabilities are unmatched! In fact, 90% of our product is shipped within 10 days.




Because we are local to our customers, you can rest assured that the days of waiting weeks on end for your overseas order to arrive are gone. Make the best of your time, contact your Viscor rep for extraordinary lighting solutions that fit your needs when you need them.

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