Viscor is Going Vive

Viscor is Going Vive

Viscor is stepping it up a notch with its Visioneering line of energy efficient luminaires by integrating Lutron’s Clear Connect® RF technology, compatible with Lutron’s Vive wireless RF lighting control system.

Why be good when we can be great. With Lutron Vive wireless controls, we provide in-fixture lighting controls that allow optimal performance with any new and existing commercial building.

The Viscor + Vive Advantage


  • Fastest delivery in the industry with readily available in-fixture wireless controls
  • In-Fixture wireless controls make projects effortless from design to installation


  • Instant savings with Visioneering energy-efficient LED luminaires
  • Integrated Wireless controls reduce labour fees per in-field installation
  • Additional energy savings with wireless controls by up to 60%


  • Locally made tailored solutions that are right for you since 1952
  • Viscor’s complete manufacturing capabilities offer wireless control options for any fixture
  • Established Lutron partner


By integrating Lutron Vive wireless technology, the Visioneering line of luminaires offer the ultimate control over your environment without sacrificing your time and needs.

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