ClearForm Sets the Mood

ClearForm Sets the Mood

At Viscor, we constantly strive to provide quality luminaires. Whether that means fine-tuning the intricate details of our fixtures or a complete redesign; we focus on crafting the best possible product from reliable functionality to design appeal. We’re always aiming to raise the bar to improve the performance of every product in our line.

This time we’ve revisited our popular LRTG ClearForm to upgrade its functionality and offer additional design choices. We invite you to set the mood with the newly improved ClearForm.


The Benefits & Options include:

Seamless Room-side Access: The new housing design allows for full access to the LED boards, driver, wiring and controls without sacrificing appearance.

Performance Clips for Increased Stability: The centre clips keep the lens in place for added retention.

Progressive Lens Design Options:

  • C24 Overlay Rectangular Pattern: Matte white lens overlay provides a bright even glow with a white rectangular grid pattern.
  • C26 Shield Perforated Hole Pattern: Powder coated matte white lens overlay provides a soft even glow with a white hole pattern.
  • C70 Decorative Rails: Powder coated matte white corner lens rails create a contemporary design aesthetic. (Included with the C24 and C26 options)
  • Standard Translucent Polycarbonate Diffuser: Single-piece T-shaped luminous lens.

Download the Clearform Feature Sheet here

With progressive design, undeniable performance and seamless access, the newly improved ClearForm sets the mood for any professional environment.

Contact your friendly Viscor representative today for further information.

***Are you interested in Tunable White options? Contact us to learn more.

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