Ceiling Grid Envy

Ceiling Grid Envy

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Are you constantly suffering from limited lighting solutions for your non-standard ceiling grid? Do you wish that your existing building had a 2x4 grid? The possibilities could be endless but instead, you're feeling stuck with limited substandard options, high costs and filler plate add-ons that don’t meet the aesthetic caliber of your property.

At Viscor, we understand that you want to avoid the high costs of custom made LED fixtures, which is why we offer the right solutions to relieve your symptoms of ceiling grid envy. Our VP and Assistant GM, Peter Reist, sympathizes with facility managers, property owners, and specifiers who have expressed their concerns regarding the existing ceiling grids they have inherited. The phrase he commonly hears is ‘If only I had a 2x4 grid, I would have already converted to LED.’

We solve this problem every day of the week. Viscor’s Canadian manufacturing capabilities are unmatched. We are constantly building standard and modified-standard light fixtures for any ceiling grid size. Whether it be a 20x60, 30x30 or 500x1500, we ship these every day with multiple options including air-handling, wireless controls, lenses and in a variety of colours. Our tailored solutions are vast and aesthetically pleasing for any ceiling grid you may have.

Owners, distributors, and contractors are discovering the secret of Viscor’s capabilities and we’ve been producing thousands of fixtures, for millions of square feet in major cities across North America.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms associated with non-standard ceiling grids, then you need to contact us! 

Viscor can help relieve your ceiling grid envy for good!


Contact Viscor for our line of Visioneering Lighting Solutions to relieve the pain of ceiling grid envy. Our team is helpful and discreet with any questions you may have.

Reach us at ceilinggridenvy@viscor.com

Written and published by the Viscor Marketing Team

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