Manufacturing for the Future

Manufacturing for the Future

Viscor is committed to sustainable manufacturing.


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We spoke with Viscor's Director of Operations and resident industrial paint line expert, Steven Anderson, to learn how they converted their previous paint system into a sustainable eco-friendly paint line.

The first challenge began with the ovens. They were old and giving off sulfates, burning high levels of excess gas and temperatures that were not easy to control which resulted in too many paint defects. Most importantly, Viscor wanted to further ensure the health and safety of every employee and the sustainable future of the company. It was time for a change.

In early 2011, Viscor took the first step in revamping the paint line process. We procured two energy efficient ovens to dry-off and cure the metal fixtures for the pre and post paint process and added a ceiling suspended conveyor system to create an open concept layout for increased accessibility.

The original oven space was closed off from the rest of the factory to keep gases in a controlled atmosphere. Working around this space, the new ovens were installed, walls were torn down, ceilings were scrubbed and freshly painted to remove any traces of the toxins left behind. Instant energy savings were realized. The dry-off oven's high impingement duct systems reduced drying times. The Vulcan® cure oven was designed with a modular 24 foot infrared entrance, a quick gel-set of the powder, allowing for extremely efficient, high velocity air flow without any powder loss or quality distortion.

Then in 2012 and 2013 it was time to take the next step by replacing the phosphate-based wash system and paint booths with a new state of the art 5 stage stainless steel conservation wash system and reclaiming powder coating booths.

The first stage of the wash system degreases and removes all oils from the metal with an eco-friendly GardoClean® cleaning agent. The second stage is a wash to remove any residual chemicals. The third stage gives the metal a final fresh water rinse before reaching stage four. The fourth wash lightly coats the metal fixtures using a state of the art Nano Coating technology, leading to increased powder finishing adhesion performance and corrosion resistance. The fifth stage is a final rinse and then it's off to the drying ovens. This 5-stage wash is also a water conservation system. As the same water is used at multiple stages by piping lines which reclaims and reuses the same water at multiple stages.

Near the end of 2013, two new reclaiming powder coating booths, and one quick colour changeover booth were installed. The reclaimed booths gives us the ability to reuse any leftover powder that falls when parts are sprayed.

Implementing this multi-million-dollar production line has many benefits on an environmental level and offers endless capabilities. With programmable recipes, we can trust that the control settings are configured to the correct parameters, allowing for consistent quality. We can rest assured on our ability to produce a paint coating that is durable and resilient. The multiple booths allow us the capabilities to easily offer a product in any colour imaginable, be it high gloss, textured, low gloss or matte finish.

Powder coating provides an attractive finish with excellent resistance to impact, heat, abrasion and corrosion. Our painting process is environmentally friendly and reduces water consumption. The paint line supports on the fly quick colour change-overs and continuous productivity. The 5-stage wash system provides pristine components while the Vulcan® Infrared technology quickly cures, reducing cycle time.

The paint line production system is just one of the numerous ways Viscor is proudly committed to environmentally sustainable and flexible manufacturing.

Written by Viscor's Marketing Team member Daniela De Marco



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