Keeping Production at Home

Keeping Production at Home

Proud Canadian manufacturer, Viscor creates leading-edge lighting solutions.

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When you think of off-shore made products you may assume lower costs. But is cost all that matters? Where would you turn when you need reliable products delivered in a timely manner with exceptional customer service? These are just a few questions that have become top of mind for the Canadian consumer.

As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you've got until it’s gone” can be applied to the manufacturing industry from the early 2000’s to 2008. We saw local manufacturers disappear and big industry leaders setting up shop overseas. This caused North America to suffer from job loss, poor customer service, a decrease in quality and limitations on build-to-order fulfillment. Was all this worth a lower cost? Some may say so, but thankfully we now understand the importance of supporting local manufacturing. Positive change is ahead! A growing wave of educated consumers is increasing the awareness of the importance of local manufacturing. Supporting local businesses brings back jobs, provides confidence in product quality and reduces our carbon footprint by minimizing lengthy transportation routes.

With over 300 employees and a 210,000-square foot facility, Viscor has been keeping local manufacturing relevant since 1952. Formerly Weiner Electric and Visioneering, Viscor founded its roots on Ossington Avenue in Toronto and has grown as a leading manufacturer who continuously pushes the limits of lighting design and metal fabrication. Viscor ships anywhere in North America without the unforeseen issues associated with off-shore manufacturing. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians provides us the agility to support both large and small requests in industry-leading time. Our team of in-house engineers diligently work to design intelligent solutions allowing our assembly personnel to be swift and precise with every product on the line. We take pride in our environmentally friendly powder coat paint line as we understand the impact it has on our ecosystem.

Our ability to keep production at home and support a community of local industry professionals has kept us growing strong. We continue to explore, innovate and expand our limits to craft dynamic and unique solutions that respond to the needs of the modern-day architect, engineer, contractor and designer. As a Canadian manufacturer, we are challenged by off-shore competitors, but we have always believed in the power of community and we value like-minded organizations that are doing business for the betterment of our citizens, economy and environment. 

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Written by Viscor's Marketing Team member Daniela De Marco


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