From a Design Concept To The Finished Product, All Under One Roof

Viscor Inc. is a comprehensive organization that specializes in LED & fluorescent lighting products and metal fabrication. We're Canada's largest independent lighting manufacturer under the Visioneering and Certolux Brands.

Viscor has made a sizeable capital investment in new machinery and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We firmly value the long-term relationships with our vendors, clients and employees that have been forged in over 60 years of operation. Viscor employs a team of dedicated Inside Sales Representatives whose primary objective is to provide superior service. Our team of Product Design Engineers enables Viscor to produce custom luminaires for various applications and environments.

Since its inception, Viscor has manufactured a diverse range of products including electronic and stereo components and solid state ballasts. The micro-furnace ceramic heater was invented and developed at Viscor, who in the past had manufactured a comprehensive line of fans and heaters. Viscor Inc maintains the capability to manufacture almost any sheet metal product required or requested while leading the way with modern technology and advanced processes.

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