Ceiling Grid Envy

Ceiling Grid Envy

 Download the Symptoms of this Serious Condition here


A painful or resentful longing of an advantage enjoyed by another, specifically 2x4 ceiling grids.

Common Symptoms:                                                    

1. Delaying LED lighting upgrades
2. Hesitation to compromise aesthetics with filler plates
3. Defensive over lost energy savings to date

Characteristics Ceiling Grids:

20x60, 28x28, 15x48, 750x750, 500x1500, 30x30, 18 5/8x56

Recognize these symptoms? We can help.

Contact Viscor for our line of Visioneering Lighting Solutions to relieve the pain of ceiling grid envy. Our team is helpful and discreet with any questions you may have.

Reach us at ceilinggridenvy@viscor.com

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